SYNOPSIS: What began as an opportunity to create an informational book turned quickly into a concept that would grab the attention of the creative industry by their feet. Analyzing the current documentation in an effort to comprehensively understand and translate the content, a creative spark screaming ‘bamboo’ arose. Research revealed a meaningful connection for it’s ideas through Chinese culture, poetry, and art. To create a visually stimulating publication matched with technical beauty and form, an inviting and purposeful solution wrapped in culture was born. The solution was composed of a handcrafted, hand bound, soft-cover book.The spine was hand-cut from freshly trimmed and naturally dried bamboo, with a slice wide enough to hold the thickness of the printed book. A stitched binding was slid into the hollow inside and had a bookmark tassel influenced from Chinese culture for readers to save their place. At final size, the books physical manifestion uniquely measured 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall as an elegant representation of the connection built between Chinese Culture, Poetry, and Art - and the Living Principles for Design.
Hand-rendered Ink Wash Illuatrations of Contributors to The Living Principles. 
Additional View of Hand-rendered Ink Wash Illuatrations of Contributors to The Living Principles and supporting illustrations. 
An Inside spread of the book communicates the impact of the Living Principle to the Environment and Economy visually overlayed on compelling imagery and color overlays. 
An inside spread of the book displaying Partners and Contributors to the Living Principles. The hand-rendered ink wash illustrations were used throughout the book as seen in this image. 
The final cover for this book appears quite unique compared to conventional book-binding methods. The craftmaship and minute details contribute to the overall tone and personality of the book, making it a delight to flip each page to find out whats in store. 
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