Numbers for the Cause was founded by a trio collectively invested in supporting non-profit organizations. By raising money through custom screen-printed tees, a portion of proceeds are given as a charitable donation to nonprofit organizations. 
Struggling to gain attention, the current situation was assessed by identifying who they were aiming to reach, and how they wanted to be seen by the public eye. This helped platform the design aesthetic of rebranding their identity. 
A two-piece infograpic tells the story of what they're doing and how they are doing it. 
Keeping these infographics seperate, yet able to go seamlessly together, allows NFTC to use the appropriate parts of the infographic for their needs - whether it be a convention or booth, or for their online presence. 
As a result of this new look, they immediately saw a tremendous pickup in attention and began seeing a signifigant increase in interested and purchasing customers.
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