This project is in no way representing the company or businesses shown within images. All trademarks and registered content are the property of their respective owner(s). All content is under ownership of the company who contracted this work. All work is being displayed simply as a demonstration of capabilities for the design portfolio of Syndel Klett.
Mobile Experiences : Mobile Email, Geolocation Notification, & Mobile Application Account Dashboard
Desktop Website Experience: Registration Step 3 (Preferences), Logged In Account Dashboard, Reward Program Landing Page State 1, Reward Program Landing Page State 2
In Store Collateral: Program Brochure and mail-in registration, Employee Pin, In Store Signage, & Fitting Room Wall Mural
Mobile Experiences : Mobile Email & Mobile Application Account Dashboard
On-Site Touchpoint: ATM Advertiment Screen 
In Store Collateral: Program Brochure and mail-in registration
Social Media Engagement: FCB Rewards Page with Promotion Post 
Desktop Website Experience: Rewards Program Landing Page & Logged In Account Dashboard
Mobile Experiences : Mobile Web Landing Page, Mobile Web How It Works Page, Mobile In-App Registration, Mobile App Home Screen, Mobile App Rewards Account Dashboard
Social Media Engagement: Twitter Call and Response Post, Facebook Call and Response Post
On Site Touchpoints: Freestanding Pole Sign with Brochure Holder, In store Digital Display Graphics
Program Landing Page - Initial State
Second state of Rewards Landing Page: How It Works
Third state of Rewards Landing Page: Great Rewards
Fourth state of Rewards Landing Page: Great Perks
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